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Project Info in Publishing Set

I deleted a previous thread about having the ability to publish in text formats, I thought it was too complicated. I'm simply asking now for the 'Project Info' to be available in the Project Map. That way it can be transferred into the Publisher Set ...

Autotext in Publishing name and Publishing Directory

Basically I want to control all publishing related items via 'info'. I put in the clients lot, street name, Suburb... The PDF Name should be as follows #lot, #streetname, #suburb, #clientnames - Contract Plans Resulting in 111, Jeorge Street, Westy B...

Publish fly-through stills via publisher

In the create fly-through menu you have the option to save the result as still images, in addition to film formats like mp4. However if you choose to render the path via publisher you only have film formats to choose from. A wish from me is to have a...

publishing and multicore

Publishing process, especially, to dwg, is extremely slow when the drawing is a bit complex. I lose 1hr to publish around 30 layout in dwg. PDF fortunately is much faster. I hope GS could implement a multi CPU publishing process in order to take adva...

alemanda by Beginner
  • 4 replies

Publieshed DWG - Zoom extend

Simple and straight forward wish: ...to o have the created (by published) DWG files have their content show as "Zoom Extend" in model space and any layouts. Most of the DWG files just after creating by publisher have their content somewhere hidden. A...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

Publish .svg

A wish: To be able to publish svg-files for Inkscape straight from Archicad.

Is there ability to create custom border for sheet index?

I always been using special custom border with curves edges for the sheet index but now using this project index method and how do i add custom exterior border that has curves instead of sharp box shape. Please let me know if there is any that I can ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Paper Size as Autotext

Small sweet wish: I wish to have an Autotext showing the print size of the Master Layout its placed on. When there are 3 Master Layout its not a big deal to write the paper size by hand, but when it comes to 25 different paper sizes it becomes an iss...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 6 replies

Placing PDF drawings does not always work

Does anyone know why my Archicad 14 when placing a pdf works with some pdf s but not with placing other pdf drawings. Could it be newer version of pdf files it's not recognizing? Your help would be greatly appreciated Harrison

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

rename publisher folders with autotext

I would like to be able to rename publisher folders using autotext, the same way it is possible to do for the items. This allows me to publish (for example) to one PDF or DWG (merge to one file option) and setup automatically created file names. This...