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Resolved! area/room seperator line

Hi, Here my dumb question, please forgive me, I am very new in archicad there is any kind of "area/room seperator line" as the same as in Revit ? Thanks!

WISH: Performance metrics

2 aspects to this wish:A way to determine which system will perform better in archicad, either a built in benchmark, or some way of seeing view load times, rebuild times, frame rate in 3d views etcCurrently the only reference for performance that I k...

Material Priority List

Is there a list available with material priority? I am aware that this depends on the type of project but what is a good starting list? is there a template list available? Or does anybody like to share their priority list? and wouldn’t it be better t...

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Highlight Missing Drawings in Navigator

I nearly got caught out up cycling one of my projects which would have quite happily published several layouts with links to missing drawings. Whilst I appreciate there may be a requirement to keep broken links intact, there should at least be a warn...

Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".Are these workarounds? Or are these jus...

Object Parameter Audit

Access to parameter values is crucial for model auditing, particularly with complex objects. I currently need to visually check a parameter value against location. It seems like I am now going to have to open each object's settings as checking a para...