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Cigraph Archiquantplus

I recently found out that Cigraph is probably closing down,which is really sad after all this years of creative contribution and support. I hope this is not true, but I am trying to contact them and I am getting no response.Also the addons are not up...

Botonis Expert
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Enable multi-page splitting for schedules placed as PMK on layout

We use PMK's to manage large model sizes and to benefit from a one-stop-tactique for publishing and revisioning 2D drawings. This workflow is documented under Layout Workflow: Larger Projects | User Guide Page | Graphisoft Help Center. Everything wor...

Resolved! Changing colors/pens based on layer

I know it’s not possible so I am adding it into my wish list. It would be awesome if I can select electric plan layer (or any other later anyone uses) and turn it all whatever color or pen is desired, same for other layers. For certain plans I like t...