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Control over Surface Merging

I have searched the forums and found the below posts from a few years back (which are since locked). https://community.graphisoft.com/t5/Modeling/Intentionally-create-Lines-between-Elements-w-same-Surfaces/td-p/163137/page/2?f=20&hilit=merging%20surf...

Screenshot 2023-09-19 085612.png

Material Priority List

Is there a list available with material priority? I am aware that this depends on the type of project but what is a good starting list? is there a template list available? Or does anybody like to share their priority list? and wouldn’t it be better t...

Rve by Booster
  • 7 replies

Split Walls at Junctions to Allow Multiple Surface Finishes

Hi everyone, This is a Feature Request, or if someone has a workaround, that would be great! We, like everyone now, are using our BIM models in third party rendering software to create some great renders. If we consider an external wall that has an i...

glenn_nz by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Surface materials in 3D document

Another one that should come with AC25. In this version a new option in elevation/sections/interior elevation came up to show surface materials with texture.This feature should be also for 3D documents. It is now kind of possible with set of graphic ...

Drag image directly into 3D window and scale

Just recently I received an email indicating that AC27 is coming (in early stages today) and that Graphisoft was looking for insight and ideas but unfortunately didn't provide a link to send that kind of information. I am hoping this might be the rig...

Project 1.jpg

Neighbour Elevations Shadows - In the Elevation tool

In the elevation tool!!!Can we have the ability to make the model elements before the fade distant elements line fully transparent but still cast shadows on the model elements after the fade distant elements line?The 3D vectorial window copy and past...

Resolved! Membrane Tool

Can we please have a dedicated Membrane tool that: Maintains a constant thickness no matter the surface angle or geometry. Can be placed by draping, to auto wrap the nominated surface of a detected or defined membrane -zone volume as defined by objec...

Measure area in 3D window

Hello everyone, I think it would be a nifty upgrade of the measure tool to have the option to measure area from a 3d view. It is especially useful for quick calculations or checks up where you don't need to create a whole schedule. Cheers, Stefan