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Prevent BIMcloud Downloading Libraries when Changing Network

Every time I open a BIMcloud project at the office and then at home, Archicad updated the local data by downloading a whole new copy of the Libraries. The only reason I can see for this is because the network location has changed. This is fine in the...

Curtain Wall Divider

Please, add a tool to make it easier to split curtain walls, just like we can use Ctrl + Click to divide lines, walls, beams...

Marque tool improvemens

Marque tool is very valuable and importatn Archicad tool, recently I started using it to select a part of model and save the cropped geometry as a 3d document to better comunicate our design. to so so however, the Marque boundary offten needs to be d...

Please add "Show/Hide Attribute Palette" command to toolbars

The new Attributes palette of AC26 is a 35-years-in-the-making update. It is a long awaited addition. However, there is no command to Show/Hide this palette. It should be added to the list of other Show/Hide commands, as it is very useful to have thi...

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Renovation Filter Priority in Graphic Overrides.

It would be good if the Renovation Filter overrides within the Graphic Overrides Palette could have their priorities changed rather than be seated at the bottom of the list they could be moved to the top so that their settings take priority before th...

Place Drawing improvements

Hi, It would be a great improvement to have a 'search bar for internal views' in this pop-up dialogue box. Also the fact that it still 'pops-up' with all folders open and not with last view selected is a poor conclusion. Hope to see some improvements...