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Easier Date controls for Sun & Shadows

An easier way to control sun position by changing date & hour would be great to have. This could be done by a simple slider like in sketchup or twinmotion. By adding this, it would be possible to have an interactive sun study, without having to chang...

Embedded maps into the program

Direct connection of ArchiCAD with Google maps (Apple maps, Bing maps etc.). Show map as trace&reference in ArchiCAD for correct location of the project. Possible export of 3D data from map? There are several videos appeared in Youtube showing how to...

Construction Timeline palette

As ArchiCAD finally started to move into direction of truly collaboration and stepped out from being only for architects, it needs more tools useful for construction engineering. Everyone would agree, that construction process is very dynamic and tim...

"APPLY" button in properties windows for instant preview

I have a suggestion. Every time we change a property of an element we have to hit OK to see the result. If we want to correct it, we have to reopen the properties windows. That's a lot of extra clicking, especially when we are about to make some crea...

Mike96 by Participant
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Real 3D Ground Floor

Hi, coming from Revit years ago, I still cant believe that the AC Ground Floor ist supposed to be a 2D View. I honestly wish that it will finally become a true 3D View like Sections/Elevations and.....the 3D Window. With all the natural benefits for ...

BIM Cloud - Drag and Drop

File management on BIM cloud is good - but two things that would increase usability: - ability to select files for download - at present you need to either download whole folder or individual files - drag and drop upload and download - so you can mor...

psmith by Newcomer
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Resolved! subraction with upward extrusion as default

after 11 years of using archicad, I notice that when I use SEO, 99% of the time I am doing "subtraction with upward extrusion. I would love to have a separate button on the toolbar for this, or at the very least change the default SEO from "subtracti...

More info box customization

Hi there, I think giving us the possibility to customize the info box even more, could bring to a lot of time saving and bigger productivity levels. With this and example would be to give us the possibility, for each element (doors, windows, zones, e...

Darwuhr by Contributor
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