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Diplay Option: Show Core Only

I would like to see a display option so that you can have ArchiCAD show only the cores of wall composites (with their contour lines, of course). On our floor plans we don't need to see gyp board, air gaps, brick, etc.. We only need the rough framing....

Sun Control in Navigator Preview Window

The Navigator Preview window is very helpful in avoiding having to reach for the Options>3D Projections Settings window when working in 3D. Not having control of the sun, however, means you can't see the "leeward" side of your model.

Layer Settings Dialogue

Would'nt it be good if... When opening up Layer Settings Dialogue, the currently selected elements related layer is highlighted. This would make it quicker to lock/make layers invisible.

follow-my-lead ghost story . . .

a ghost story setting that can be added to the existing compliment ("above current story" + "below current story") to "follow me around": i.e. show the story that i've just come from. this means that when i'm switching between two stories editing inf...

Vectorial section hatching in the 3D window

When elements are cut in the 3D window, another display option should read: Use fill of the material Therefore the following can be achieved: - 3D detailing - checking of the composite structures cleanup/joining Of course, the fills should be vectori...

Djordje by Advocate
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Why can't Plotmaker interface the same as ArchiCAD?

Boy, this is an OLD wish. Every time we get a new upgrade, I expect to finally be able to use PM the same way I use AC. Now the problem is even worse (since 8.0) because of the differences in editing commands, ie. drag a copy, etc.. And now with AC8....

Pete by Newcomer
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Hello, My wish is to have the ability to scroll in the pallettes that are to long to fit on the screen, or within the pallette size I have chosen. If there is already a way, I would like to know how to do it. TIA

rgarand by Participant
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Palete extent

When clicking to extend to max (green button on MAC) why they go under the palettes. Cold they be made to stop in the palettes.