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objects seen on +X & -Y storey

Objects, columns, walls, etc, should be "viewable" in any desired storeys above or below the current one... with a "true" cutplane if desired, depending on reference levels of each storey... I actually have to script this myself within the objects, b...

wall seen on next storey up or down

I set my projects up so the ceiling plan is on the next storey (less layers required and easy to jump from floor to ceiling plan) Showing the walls is the obvious problem with this arrangement , so I create library part of the walls (Copy the 2d full...

Grid snap toggle

In version 7 were were able to press and hold down the escape button to use the grid snap temporarily. That was very usefull, now in 8 we must use the "s" key and toggle repeatedly every time. It would be nice to have that feature again, it need not ...

Ken by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Quicklayers pallette

This is what should be a good tip, but unfortunately it's a wish because Archicad needs to improve the quicklayers. Does this ever happen to anyone else. You're cruising along turning on and off layers. You click on something, right click, pull down ...

Extended Marquee Tool Functionality

Would be nice if the marquee worked like any other object, ie I can stretch a side, curve an edge and add and subtract. I get around this now by creating a fill or slab and magic wanding. But would be really handy if the marquee tool had it inbuilt. ...

James B by Graphisoft
  • 7 replies

Wish list: Full screen mode in 3d

A test message as well as a wish list item: Now that a full screen OpenGL 3d window is feasible, I'd like to see a presentation mode for the 3d window, which would hide all the menu bars and floating menus with a single click, leaving just a clean fu...

Slab Pen in Elevation

I would like to be able to assign an elevation pen to a slab different to the plan pen.

sam66 by Newcomer
  • 5 replies