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Update zone - Right click

When working with zones and selecting them, I wish to have the option on the right-click context menu to open the update zone dialog, or even better to have the option to click so it automatically updates the selected zone without needed steps on the...

giza Booster
  • 1 replies

WISH: Zone and Schedule Formatting:

With varying regulations on numerical data presentation for spaces in different countries, I strongly believe that Archicad should introduce a separate type of scheduling that allows users greater flexibility to organize data and graphical representa...

Resolved! Apply Graphic Override to Zone Stamp

Hello all, I'm trying to apply a Graphic Override to a Zone Stamp. I have successfully applied a Graphic Override to my Zone, but the Zone Stamp will not respond to any Graphic Override I have tried creating. The Renovation Filter affects the Zone an...

Group of zones

Hello, Was the issue of zone grouping solved in AC 26 ?As far as I know it wasn't. So I suppose millons of architects are waiting for this possibilitiy with AC, when they are like me projecting collective housing bildings.Now I use zone numbers to co...

Tinou Enthusiast
  • 7 replies

WISH: Zone Gross Volume

Hello,as we must comply with our country's norms about explaining and showing gross areas and volumes, I wish we could Schedule a Zone's Gross Volume.It would much simplify the task.

Darwuhr Enthusiast
  • 9 replies