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G'day Talkers, I'm in need of some nice curtains for a current project and I was wondering if anyone would have anything available to help me out. File format doesn't really matter (3ds, Obj, DXF). TIA Francois email:
Just loaded 8.1 Australian version and there's no Profiler in the Add-ons folder. The version 8 one doesn't work with 8.1, so is there any place where I can get it from? That is if it's been updated at all. Or maybe there is a replacement tool for it...
In AC8, it happens regularly that I can't fit a drawing to a s/e window, as if there were some elements miles away from the project. (AC8 v3, Dual G5) Is this a known behaviour? Francois
To all G5 owners, here's a link to an article posted on XLR8Yourmac Website warning of potential hard drive problems/failure due to overheating. Have a read if you're experiencing any weird behaviour with your HD.
Apple has just posted a warning message re the use of FireWire 800 HD with Panther: In short: stop using them right now before losing data. Cheers Francois