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Hi, I have just a simple question, Can I use Graphisoft Archicad logo on my company website?
Hi, I have a simple question. BIM Server requires a Server Computer or a home Cloud storage or NAS (Network Attached Storage) system is really enough for the Teamwork file?
Hi, I am just thinking what to do when I want to use my in-house layer system but others are using their own by standards of BS 1192 or AIA. So it is possible to use "Extension" slot in layers but it could be right for two system. So it is a feature ...
Dear All, Currently I am looking for a full list of IFC properties (for Walls, Windows etc.) to review. Is there any printable source or link for that?
Hello, I would like to inquire if anybody has proper experience with Eco Designer for energy analysis and thermal bridges. Is there any limitation using these tool, meaning formulas, compliances, standards before try.