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Can anyone tell me how to include 2D lifework and objects in an IFC file. IFC 2x3 and forward is supposed to be able to do this, but I have had no luck.
IFC lists a Parking Space or Stall as a Predefined Space Type. My Parking Stall object and anyone else's are objects to which I can't assign something that Archicad associates with Zones (which are space types). Does anyone know of a way to spoof the...
If we save DWGs for any version of Autocad save Autocad 2004, we immediately get a call saying our drawings have been made with a student version. Beside the obvious embarrassment, this should be the case. Has this been fix for any version of Archica...
Can someone tell me what hotspots do when creating a symbol fill? I've looked in the online documentation and can't find an example of their role in making a fill?
Are slabs (used as building masses in a Master Planning Study) able to be read by a Zone? It doesn't seem to be working and I'm baffled as to why a Zone can't itemize slabs contained entirely within them.
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