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it's frustrating....the mesh pet pallette just not showing up. i want to open the hole bigger than i did earlier. sometimes it shows up but most of the time it doesn't and the mesh setting keeps showing instead. what am i missing here.
i've set up the site terrain and building footprint ( slab ) but how do i cut a hole in the mesh for the building basement?
why is the paste selected types grey out?
i'm having problem trying to attach a pic -error message . after clicking browse and add attachment, it keeps opeining up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'. anyways, my real problem is that i was trying to open a dwg file and an error me...
the key is inserted into the port and it says found new hardware ( better than it said key is malfunctioned the last time) . opend archicad and about 10 seconds, it says ' NO PROTECTION KEY FOUND (1050017)'. help! archicad 7 xp professional