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Hi, I would like to see a complete overhaul of the hotlink modules. It should be possible, - to create external and Internal Hotlink Modules (like Rhino Blocks). (without iceberg methods etc.) - internal Hotlinks should be openable (like the edit mod...
Hi, please give me the same autotext driven "rename Elements" feature of the Publisher Sets also in the View Map. so it would be possible to clone folders with a preset naming convention
Hi, coming from Revit years ago, I still cant believe that the AC Ground Floor ist supposed to be a 2D View. I honestly wish that it will finally become a true 3D View like Sections/Elevations and.....the 3D Window. With all the natural benefits for ...
If you ever worked with a programm that had this feature (even Sketchup does it very well) you know what a huge simple timesaver this really is
HI, sometimes I would kill for a key schedule feature like in Revit. I tried to mimic it with calculated properties,but unfortenately it is not possible
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