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How is ArchiCad running on intel based macs now that it has switched over to Metal from OpenGL? Also, does it speed up as well when running in emulation Apple silicon?
Check out a replay from the Apple product release today. Said Pro apps scream on iPad Pro.
I have never used Vectorworks and have not been interested in it, but I just looked at some of the new features for Vectorworks 2016 and I'm like - Dang - I wish we could do that. Is VW actually comparable to ArchiCad?
I can't remember how to alleviate this problem. Low walls going through the arched door opening are cut.
I can't get the visible light with a spotlight shining through the portal windows in this sanctuary to show. I think I have all the settings right but can't get it to change the rendering at all. I want to put in stained glass in the windows and show...