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Ive started to use complex profiles to create a skirting, however the external junctions do not appear to join correctly. Will I need to do these by creating a 'morphed' object that uses the same profile but goes through a 90 degree bend.
Hi, I seem to be struggling to see some objects on views other than a plan. see attached extracts. Ive placed a tap fitment on plan above a basin. The basin appears in both the 3d view and elevation, but not the tap.
Im trying to create some detailing call outs, and have managed to use the detailing tool. This has created views in the navigator project map, however to see them correctly im constantly having to switch to 'renovation proposed' and 'rebuild from sou...
Does AC have an option to allow more than one arrow per text box?
Ive just realised that I cannot print a PDF anything larger than A3 on my Mac as I don't yet have either a plotter or PDF printer driver. Any recommendations on a decent PDF app that can plot at these sizes?