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AC17 DevKit change in Linear Dimensions?

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Hi, I have an addon working perfectly on AC14,15,16. When I use it on AC17 its works fine, only the custom content of Linear Dimension note isn't overwritten. I'm rewriting it like this


tmp is char*

The code is OK, but AC just don't overwrite the content of Linear dimension note it (Dimension note type is set to "custom" all the time - opposite of "Measured" value). Is this a new bug? Or what?

I see there is a change in structure in AC 17 DevKit in API_NoteType
Optional parameter for accessing the text or the autotext of the note in UniString format.
so I tried


where tmpUniStr is ptr to dynamically allocated UniString to change the pointer to new UniString with new content. This actually rewrite the dimension but with something weird, like ''Ś"

Thx in advance.

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