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Hello Everyone!


Can someone please explain how the 

GSErrCode ACAPI_Automate (
        const char*     viewGuidStr    );

function can be made not to throw an APIERR_BADPARS error? Where can I find the right GUID to make the function run without an error? I don't see any GUIDs (matching the guid of the navigator view description) in the API_NavigatorView structure, I tried the GUID of the API_NavigatorItem but that throws an error.

Am I making a mistake when I try to make the GUID a const char* this way:


const char* viewGuidStr = APIGuidToString(item.guid).ToCStr();


Any help is appreciated!



The documentation has an exemple of this:



Thank you for your reply. I've seen the example in the documentation before but as it requires a drawing as a parameter I thought it's a way of opening views put on a layout.

Does this mean that I have to make/link each view to a drawing that I want to switch to before using the goto function? The description of the function says it simulates the action when you open a view from the Project Navigator. From the navigator I can open any views that are not linked to any drawings or layouts by simply clicking it. This part is still not clear to me.


Hello Everyone!

I think I might have found the solution!

The GUID of the API_NavigatorItem will be accepted by the ACAPI_Automate function if it is converted into GS::Guid and then to const char*.

Seems to work for me!

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