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Add-Ons Entry Point


I am query how to set an entry point of addon.

Is there someone could provide detail of how to set/change an add on entry point file when running addon in Visual Studio C++? 


An information from that link, does it has to be 'Addonmain.cpp' as default entry point?. Could it be something like 'MyAddon.cpp' for entry point?


The entry points are explained in the 'anatomy of an addon' paragraph in the link I posted.

An archicad addon doesn't require  a Main.cpp to work it can  be named whatever you want.


The way you interact with archicad  is either through menus or dialogs, palettes.

menus are defined in .grc file

dialogs or palettes are defined in cpp files.


You link the menu to your functions through MenuCommandHandler.


Look at the blog articles,  there is a hello world example that explains all this.



Thanks so much for your clarification. Besides this, the resource of .grc file explanation is very rare. For example, if I want to display a value getting from API function on the dialogs. Do I need to declare a text or label in .grc file or not? if so, how to implement this? 


Yes, every field in a dialog has to be declared in the grc file.

Look at DG_Test example  in the API files.

Some articles explain this in the documentation.


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