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Browser Control RegisterJSObject window.external.notify


I'm using the Archicad browser control with the "Browser_Control" example. The example project works as intended and javascript can communicate to the browser control through the registered javascript objects from the example ("GetSelectedElements", "AddElementToSelection" and "RemoveElementFromSelection"). Now I have changed the javascript page from the example, to my own webpage that utilizes "window.external.notify" and I want to register a javascript object, so that I can hook up on this event/method. I have issues with this part and can't seem to subscribe or bind to this "external" object. In the example project I have tried to add and register this javascript object in the method "BrowserPallette::RegisterACAPIJavaScriptObject".


void BrowserPalette::RegisterACAPIJavaScriptObject ()
DG::JSObject* jsACAPI = new DG::JSObject ("external");
jsACAPI->AddItem(new DG::JSFunction("notify", [](GS::Ref<DG::JSBase> param) {
Authentication(GetStringFromJavaScriptVariable(param)); // my own method that I want javascript to trigger.
return ConvertToJavaScriptVariable (true);


Has anyone tried something similar or maybe have some good ideas I can try? I haven't tried using a CEF browser before so I'm not at all experienced in communicating from javascript to the Archicad browser control. I might be missing something obvious like defining my javascript object wrong, that I want to register with "RegisterAsynchJSObject". 


Managed to subscribe to window.external.notify this way, if anyone should be interested:

- Changing the name of jsACAPI from "external" to "aarchicad" (could be anything)

- browser.RegisterAsynchJSObject(jsACAPI)

- browser.ExecuteJS(GS::UniString("window.external.notify = aarchicad.notify;"));


Then when the webpage calls window.external.notify, the browser gets notified and the function aarchicad.notify gets triggered.