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Change GDL param (MVO)

Andor Kocsis

Looking for the method, how to update gdl parameters in every model view options.


Found APIEnv_​GetViewOptionsID, and on its output, viewOptions -> modelViewOpt -> gdlOptions[] -> params[] gives me params. I iterate through every gdlOptions, and update some param with new values. Then calling on APIEnv_ChangeViewOptionsID, and a not-so-ideal thing happens. A new mvo set creates with empty name (""), and only that one mvo stores my values. The existing mvos do not get updated (to be precise, I find params with default values, and not with those values, I set via params[]).



Looking for some wisdom:

-1. how to avoid creating a new mvo with empty name, and

-2. how to update existing mvos instead ?




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