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DGListSetItemText not in ArchiCAD12 API Help

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In ArchiCAD12 API Help, the function
" DGListSetTabFieldData (short dialId, short item, short tabIndex, short begPos, short endPos, short justFlag, short truncFlag, bool hasSeparator, bool status)" ,the last parameter has no description.

Has no description of the function "DGListSetItemText (short dialId, short item, short listItem, const char* text)".


Karl Ottenstein
DGListSetItemText has its own HTML page. If it is not showing up by normal searches for some odd reason, look in:

Documentation > DialogManager > DGHtmlLibrary

to find the doc page.

For DGListSetTabFieldData, I see what you mean. The bool* status parameter is shown in the header file, but is not defined in the documentation. Given that it is a return value (pointer), one would assume that it is true/false to indicate if the function call was successful?

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