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Geometry': ambiguous symbol

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I got error message below while I compiled my code.

Error C2872 'Geometry': ambiguous symbol ...\acwin23.3006\modules\geometry\vector3d.hpp 403

The problematic piece of code is the following in vector3d.hpp

template<typename Coordinate>
bool Geometry::Vector3<Coordinate>::IsNear (const Vector3& c, double eps /*= SmallEps*/) const
return (*this - c).GetLengthSqr () < eps * eps;

Is it necessary define "Geometry" namespace even when you are "namespace Geometry {...}" ?

It collide my piece of code which I do not want to change unless it is absolutely necessary.

As a workaround I have deleted "Geometry::", but I am not sure whether it cause any trouble elsewhere in your code.


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