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How can I access an IFC model?!

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I hope I'm asking this question in the right place!

I'd like to create an application (standalone, if possible) that:
1 - Accesses an IFC model directly in order to retrieve information about certain construction components, in particular plumbing and
2 - Creates input files for a separate program that verifies projects for compliance with some national standards.

I have no experience with the IFC model nor programming tools that would enable me to explore it, but I have some experience with database programming.

My questions are:
What tools do I need to explore the model (some kind of EXPRESS explorer, or some tool that exports the IFC file to xml, perhaps)?
Can I perform these operations using ArchiCAD and its addons?
I would really prefer freeware tools or, at least, some kind of trial version that would allow me to check if the software does what I need!

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
From ArchiCAD you can just export your IFC model.

Try or
Both free, the first one you have to register.

Also a great resource for IFC developement is

IFC 2x2 and IFC 2x3 have ifcXML specs documented at

Let us know about your progress. I thought doing something similar for but work load doesn't let me.
If you want to stay within ArchiCAD you can export a csv file via Components/Descriptors Calculations but first you have to include Components/Descriptors to an ArchiCAD calculation database or within individual GDL objects.

Good luck
Yanni Alexakis, CSI, Intl. Assoc. AIA
Product Manager
GRAPHISOFT North America
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Thank you very much! I had already found a couple of the links you sent me but I haven't really explored the software they link to yet (I wasn't sure they were actually what I was looking for - your confirmation was really important)!
I'm thinking about creating a standalone application (not something that needs archicad in the background) as a part of a research project...
Yes, it does look like a lot of work and I'll have to look into it a bit before I start off.
Thanks a lot!