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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

How do i get edit a Property?


Dear Graphisoft-Community,


I'm currently trying to build my first C++ AddOn, but I'm struggeling a bit.

I'm trying to set a property for selected elements, but the part where I set doesn't seem to work.


My current code looks/works somewhat like this:

1) I get the selected Elements with ACAPI_Selection_Get


static void getSelectedElements(GS::Array<API_Neig>& selNeigs)
  GSErrCode err;
  API_SelectionInfo selectionInfo;

  err = ACAPI_Selection_Get(&selectionInfo, &selNeigs, true);

2) Looking for the Property I want to edit (2 Steps)

This method finds the wanted PropertyGroup by its name

static void findPropertyGroupByName(GS::UniString name, API_PropertyGroup& target)
  GS::Array<API_PropertyGroup> propertyGroups;
  GSErrCode err{ ACAPI_Property_GetPropertyGroups(propertyGroups) };
  std::list<GS::UniString> groups;
  if (err == NoError)
    for (API_PropertyGroup pg : propertyGroups)
      if ( == name)
        target = pg;

This method above gets used in the following:

static void findPropertyDefinition(API_PropertyDefinition& propertyDefinition)
  GSErrCode err;
  GS::UniString groupName{ "Identifizierung" };
  GS::UniString propertyName{ "Bezeichnung" };
  GS::Array <API_PropertyDefinition> propDefs;
  API_PropertyGroup propertyGroup;
  findPropertyGroupByName(groupName, propertyGroup);
  err = ACAPI_Property_GetPropertyDefinitions(propertyGroup.guid, propDefs);
  for (API_PropertyDefinition pd : propDefs)
    if ( == propertyName)
      propertyDefinition = pd;

propertyDefintion will then have the information for our user-defined property ["Identifizierung","Bezeichnung"]


With the selected Neigs and the propertyDefinition accuired i wanted to use 

ACAPI_Element_GetPropertyValue(neig.guid, propertyDefinition.guid, property);

 to get the property of the Element and edit it

property.isDefault = false;
property.value.variantStatus = API_VariantStatusUserUndefined;
property.definition.collectionType = API_PropertySingleCollectionType;
property.definition.valueType = API_PropertyStringValueType;
property.definition.canValueBeEditable = true;
property.value.singleVariant.variant.uniStringValue = GS::ValueToUniString(i);

//i is an int which gets iterated everytime a new neig is selected through for (API_Neig neig : selNeigs), so the first one gets 1, the second 2 and so forth

but after I call 

ACAPI_Element_SetProperty(neig.guid, property);

none of the selected Elements have a changed their value of Bezeichnung.


So how can i edit a property of an element? What am i missing?

And on a side note, this my very first AC/C++ AddOn, so if you get any recommendations for my code (readability, performance or general things) those are much appreciated 🙂


Accepted Solutions

For anyone with the same problem as me: 

I think I used the wrong method.

I started using ACAPI_ElementList_ModifyPropertyValue() which resulted in change

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Ben Cohen

Hi Dayiz


You may just need to encapsulate in an 'Undo' session.. this has got me a few times. 😀

ACAPI_CallUndoableCommand ("your command name",[&] () -> GSErrCode
// code in here..


Ben Cohen
Mac and PC
Archicad (Latest Version) aus

Hello Ben,


Thanks four your help, i tried it out and encapsulated the important bits of the addon:



the method "numberBezeichnung()" then gets called in MenuCommandHandler.

But when i execute the AddOn, no values get changed. To check if my selection works i added the line

    DG::InformationAlert(GS::ValueToUniString(selNeigs.GetSize()), "", "Ok");

which returns me after executing the addon the amount of the selected elements, which works.

Any idea why that still happens?







For anyone with the same problem as me: 

I think I used the wrong method.

I started using ACAPI_ElementList_ModifyPropertyValue() which resulted in change

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