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IFC assignment before an element creation


Good day. I am trying to find a way to assign IFC parameters to an element that I am inserting from a web app to the AC environment.
The only way so far I found is to create an element and assign the IFC parameters right through a code. This works but the parameters are not applied to other elements that are placed immediately by the left mouse button.

Is there a way to assign IFC parameters before elements are created? The only function I found so far is ACAPI_Element_SetIFCProperty and ACAPI_Element_SetIFCAttribute. I will be very thankful to those who respond asap!


Operating system used: Windows 10

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I am not an API programmer, but in Archicad you would modify the default settings of a Library Part (Object, Door, WIndow, etc.) so that it includes the IFC Property as well. Then, all Library Parts placed/created with those settings will have the IFC Property assigned.

Maybe you can do something similar in the API, if there is such a command in it.

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