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Labels with a data base


Dear community

How do you put the labels on your details, are you drawing the details in 2D with the detail-marker? For example you've this wall:

15mm plaster

200mm XPS

175mm brick

10mm plaster

How do you put this information on your plan, because in a detail you drawed 2D and don't get any information out... There is a SwissTool as an addon for doing that (Screenshot) with something like a data base. Is there another addon or way to do that (maybe an international version of this SwissTool?).


Thank you.



@bimdo Detailing methods depend on what you need to show. Unfortunately the detail tool kills the BIM data so you can't use the skin list label etc, but you can still pull information from the Building Material. 


The other approach which produces live details is to use the section tool to create the detail and add a "linked" detail marker to connect to the section view. This can require excess modelling or you can label the 3D elements and then use fills to better define the level of detail required.

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@DGSketcher Thank you, yes in small projects we're doing it with the section tool and use the label tool as you proposed and for the floor and sections we're creating lists and put them on to plan. In the bigger projects we've to split the files, because they're to big, into a model file and a file with the details and then we're working with 2D details and fills. To get properties out of the building material would be great, I started another topic, because the label tool say it's possible, but it doesn't work (only with walls, slabs... not with fills, there I got only the building material, description or ID, but no properties.


Is there something like a bug-list or a wish-list in this forum? @DGSketcher Thank you.

You can write your wishes in this forum:



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