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LibXL - How to convert GS::UniString to wchar_t *?


I'm looking at the Database_Control example for Archicad 23 and I see that the example shows using a define to convert:
 UNISTR_TO_LIBXLSTR(str) (str.ToUstr ()) 
, however I cannot get the example or my own project to build when following this code. I get an error that
no suitable conversion function from "GS::UniString::UStr" to "const wchar_t *" existsC/C++(413)
, is this example not up to date or is there some other way to convert the GS::UniString to the correct type for the excel library?


Ralph Wessel
Which compiler, version and toolset are you using?
Ralph Wessel BArch

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I was able to convert a UniString to a wstring in C++ using:

(str is a GS::UniString)

GS::UniChar::Layout* valptr = str.CopyUStr(0, str.GetLength());
wstring endstr;
for (int j = 0; j < str.GetLength(); j++) {
		wchar_t temp = wchar_t(*(valptr + j));
		endstr += temp;
I basically had to loop through it using pointers and convert each character. There's probably a better way to do this though.

Ralph Wessel
If it works in one of the example projects, it should work for everyone. If it doesn't, it suggests a compiler version or toolkit outside the range specified by GS is being used. If you want a real answer, it would be useful to know which compiler, version and toolset are you using.
Ralph Wessel BArch

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