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Reveal settings parameters?

Jochen Suehlo

On an automatic appearing tab page of windows appears the following:


Is it possible to

a) place this tab on another position (mabe the 2nd)? It always appears on the last or second last page.

b) to use those 5 setting parameters anywhere else in the User Interface as independent parameters. It seems that most of them are Globals, which cannot be used as parameters.

Jochen Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 14.4 . WIN11
GDL object creation:

It is the old tab incorporated into ui script the hard way... I could not do anything with it...but scripting my own...

BTW even if You disable the "reveal depth" in the UI/parameters... it will still be in InfoBox...what caused me a big headache and a lot of workarounding so the windows did not change position from what I wanted.