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Type conversion GS::Unistring to GS::uchar_t[]

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Hey everyone,

i need to set a GDL param value from my addon and i struggle to define my new value with the correct type.

UInt32 totalParams = BMGetHandleSize((GSConstHandle)memo.params) / sizeof(API_AddParType);
for (int i=0; i<totalParams ;i++){
   GS::UniString pname = ((*memo.params).name);
   if (pname=="search name"){
      GS::UniString old_value = (*memo.params).value.uStr;
      (*memo.params).value.uStr = "???????";   // how to set this
As i understand (*memo.params).value.uStr gives me an array of GS::uchar_t values. How is the correct constructor for something like this
GS::uchar_t my_chars[5] = ???; 
or can i convert a GS::Unistring to an uchar_t array? uchart_t seemes to be just a Utf16Char but i lack the understanding of those types. Any help would be aprreciated.

Thanks in advance!

(*memo.params).value.uStr = "???????"; will not work but i found the example in the docs for APIAny_​OpenParametersID so i will use that. The question of the type conversion still reamains.

Tibor Lorantfy
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
One example from the Element_Test example Add-On:
const GS::UniString tmpUStr ("TestName");
GS::ucscpy ((*memo.params)[ii].value.uStr, tmpUStr.ToUStr ());

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As allways, thank you very much Tibor! It's sometimes hard to find the things you are looking for in the examples so thank you for pointing that out as well.

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