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Unit testing Archicad addon's functions: any experience?

Sam Karli

I'm about writing my first (start-from a scratch) C++ addon (for Archicad SE 2016, this is what I owe).

I decided to include automated/unit tests, using Boost.test.

I have run into many problems (Test framework is a different Visual Studio project, and how to include/reference the addon project from there).


So there are many questions around, is there any tutorial/docs/example project fro AC addon unit testing?

GDL/Python/C++ dev

Vincent Schmitt BIMm

Hello Sam,

Did you fix your problems? Seems like we stumbled upon similar problems.

Sam Karli

Actually, not 😕

To be true, in the meantime I skipped this issue (not a rarity for unit tests) and nowadays I'm back to deal with these problems.

GDL/Python/C++ dev

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