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Wallhole Contour 2D


Hello everyone,
I'm having some issues trying to get wallcontour lines into my Window Object. It's a build-in wardrobe to set into profiled walls.

I've noticed if I use the standard subtype Window and set AC_WallContours to 2 it works smoothly, even with complex profiled and multilayered walls. Even if there's a gap without a building material it realises it doesn't have to draw a line there.

But as soon as I introduce a wallhole2 command into the 2D script this stops working.
I've tried coping scripts from other windows for wallcontour which don't work for me.

I'm using the gs_reveal_Right/Left and gs_wido_sill commands for the Wallhole and a parameter for the depth.

Are there requests I can use to find out the wall layers and draw  the proper contours of the wallhole?



It's like that with other things in GDL, too.

As soon you don't let the automatics do their thing it will "stop working" in total, and you have to do everything by hand now.

Neither wallhole2 nor wallblock2 do display outlines (the difference to a default "poly2_XX" command). You have to script the wall outlines seperate with wallline2 and wallarc2.

By doing so you can differentiate between parts of the wall and parts of whatever sits in the wall. It's important for GO as well.

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Peter Baksa

Hi, WALL_SKINS_PARAMS has the information.

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