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how to check if library (like a toilet) overlap with wall

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when we insert door or window on wall It check and cut the wall automatically,

so I'd like to know how it "know" the wall??

'cause I need to add some "smart" to object like toilet or basin which can know how far it is to stay from the beside wall and if it close to that wall, it can "jump out" to the proper point

please inform me. thanks so much.
Karl Ottenstein
Windows and doors can only exist inside of walls. They 'know' about the wall because the wall is their 'host'.

No other objects are wall-aware, and so the intelligence you hope for is not possible. You can create objects that are not windows and doors and save them as a window or door 'type' - but they would only be aware of the single wall that they would 'belong' to - it is impossible to query any information about adjacent walls.

Oops. Just realized that you posted this to the Developer forum. Is that intentional? Are you trying to program a custom add-on to manage what you are asking, or are you just asking how to work as a user in ArchiCAD?

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dear Karl,

thanks a lot for your answer,

yes, of course, I try to find how to start to do about this, so if you know about 'how to' do this, inform me, pls.

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