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Parking Space Numbering Python Script | Oriented Grid

Hi there,

I am new to Python scripting and I was trying to adapt a script from Graphisoft called "Parking Space Numbering" to suit my needs for a first exercise.

I am able to modify plenty of things but I get stuck with the path that the numbering follows.
By default the path goes from xMin and yMin to xMax and yMax by zigzagging.

My problem is that my project is not oriented at 0° but at X.XX° and that it doesn't work.
(In blue how it works and in red how I would like it to work)

How can I adapt the code for this situation?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,
Mathieu Farine | BIM Manager | CCHE Lausanne | Switzerland
AC24-26 FRA | WIN11 | i7-9850H | 32Go | RTX4000

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