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Python Type of objects access


Can you please confirm if Python gives access only to 3d Archicad entities?

We wanted to use it to work with texts, tags, lines and fills but we believe those are not available through Python.

Is this true? Will those entities become available through Python at some point?

That would allow us to develop routines for translation or automatic drawing (DWG) import, organizing, filtering, formatting etc.



Presently, the Python API has only limited access to 3d elements. I have no information as to what improvements , if any, would be made in 26.

However, i have created a AddOn which allows access to TextBoxes, and AutoText Labels which might help.

I am not sure what information you might want or need to change with respect to lines and fills. However, if it is available to the C++ API, it can be made available to Python Scripts via the ExecuteCommand Handler Function and a dedicated AddOn. Would need more specific information. I m also guessing that most of the translations could be better done through the interactive schedules.I have done some work with the automatic online translator srvices and most are awful.


Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

Hello Gerry, Thank you for your answer.

In order to test the Python script capabilities we voted for the utilities we would first try to develop to help our work.

The two most voted ideas:

1. A script that would export all texts to XL (from text, tags, drawings and layouts) and another that would import and implement each text translation.

(we presently do it with a lot of tricks to translate projects and this seemed useful).


2. Building 3D meshes from AutoCAD surveys.


So, right after starting these projects we quickly found out that we can't access texts and tags and we where also not able to access lines and other 2D entities information.

That made us stop investing on this Python API, for now.

Of course, being new to this API maybe we where not using it correctly, but you just confirmed it simply isn't there and I thank you for that.


Regarding your offer (using your C++ API) I really thank you but it probably doesn't make sense to invest in something that may not be available in the next Archicad version.

Not being able to develop in C++ (and I personally agree with other of your posts when you say it isn't enough to know C++ to develop C++ addons for Archicad and also agree with the advantages you mention about the advantages of Python availability), only if Graphisoft invests in developing further the Python API will probably make sense for us to try again to use Python.


Best Regards.

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