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Python for changing language


Hi everybody

I have the following use-case:

In some stages of the project we're working in a french version of Archicad, later we switch to the german version and now we've a lot to change and translate. So maybe there are already some interesting scripts outside, which are fix a similiar problem.

1. Translating zone names

2. Translating the layers (switch the name from german to french or from english to german)

3. Translating the layouts, navigator, etc.

4. Change the properties in the model

5. Change attributes like graphical override, name of the mvd, name of the properties, name of building material, pen, fill, etc.

6. Replace gdl elements (extracting the parameter of a french window and place a german window with the same parameters >> the same problem is already existing with IFC-Imports or the migration of old projects)


Thanks for your inputs



That is an herculean task! But it could work.

However Python still can't actually place or change geometry, so you would need to program an add-on for that.

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