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Archicad Python API
About automating tasks in Archicad using the Python API.

UI inside Archicad for GHAC or Python API


So I was chatting with a colleague earlier about some ideas of what we could create with the GHAC or the Python API, We had some great ideas, but realised that anything created within those languages would be completely inaccessible for other staff within the office who have no knowledge of how to use grasshopper or execute a python script.  And trying to provide some kind of instructions that they could use day to day could be a potential disaster.


Potentially with python you could implement a UI with the tkinter package or equivalent, but you still have the issue of how do you make the script available for all staff easily to run.  Is there a way you could set a directory to appear for all user from the Python palette.  And then you have the whole issue of maintaining the right pip packages, python version etc.  You would definitely want them to be able to execute a python script compiled to an exe.


The only other thing I can think is to build an API that would someone allow you to execute or interact with those other coding environments.  Which then begs the question - do you just get an API written instead?!


Wondering if anyone else has had any ideas on how they would tackle this?




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Ideally one should be simply able to create Addons using python and register them in a common folder, used as repository for a whole office. Then the addons are available as extensions and can be used as any other shipped feature.


This is how it works in other applications (I have been developing and selling such things).