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BIMx Application Settings

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Location of BIMx Settings

Click the "..." icon shown in the top-right corner of the screen while you have a model open in BIMx Mobile. On BIMx Web and Desktop, you can find the "..." more options menu in the top-left corner. In the drop-down menu select the "Settings" button to reach all of the BIMx settings. 






Available Settings


Markers & Hyperlinks

You can navigate between the 2D Layouts and 3D models using the blue hyperlink markers in both views. You can hide these blue markers by turning this switch off.



Turn this switch on to display the 3D bodies of zones in the model. When the Zones are turned on, you can see their name and additional info when you walk inside them.



Enable Interactive Labels on Layouts to access element-associated information. 



You can switch between various shading options to see the your model with different textures and rendering styles. Your options are the following:

  Textures Edges Shading Background
Realistic Realistic Textures Hidden Edges Ambient Occlusion HDRi Sky
Hidden Line White Visible No shading HDRi Sky
Simple Shading Realistic Textures Visible Simplified Shading HDRi Sky
Monochrome Metallic grey Visible Ambient Occlusion HDRi Sky
Black and White White Hidden Edges Ambient Occlusion HDRi Sky (greyscale)
Camera View Cone

Use this slider to control the View Cone of the camera. This essentially controls the angle of corners in Perspective distortion.



Use this setting to pick what units you want the measurements to be displayed with, when you use the Smart Measure Tool.



Cut plane color

Customize the 3D model’s representation by changing the color of cut surfaces. Use the color picker or enter the hex code to define the hue accurately.
You only need to pick your custom color once. It will be saved in BIMx Preferences and applied to all your models.




 The joystick in walk mode is in the bottom right corner of the 3D window, and  the Go to layout and cut model buttons are on the left side by default. You can turn on the "Left-handed" option to mirror them:

Legacy skybox

This toggle is inactive by default, which means BIMx uses the realistic dynamic skybox: clouds and sun position is aligned with sun settings, and stars appear at the two endpoints. Enable the toggle if you prefer the old, static skybox which is a simple sky image rotated.



Anti-aliasing further improves the virtual models’ visual quality. It guarantees sharper 3D representation with smoother edges on all elements like walls and columns, as well as the 3D markers linked to drawings. Anti-aliasing reduces the moiré pattern on parallel elements close to each other, see the right side of the below comparison:



Disable it if you wish to improve the 3D performance of the application when navigating the virtual model. BIMx will store your preferences and use them for all Hyper-models.


Eye Height in Walk Mode

Use this slider to adjust the camera height in walk mode from 1,00m to 1,99m (from 3,28ft to 6,53ft).

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