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BIMx Desktop has moved to online stores

Roland Szabo

As of the 10th of July 2023, BIMx Desktop application is available for download in both the Apple App Store and Microsoft Store. Get the latest update of the next-generation desktop application and access additional features like the Measure tool and shading options!

With this move, the application update is much easier, including the option to set up automatic updates. You can read more about the additional benefits for architects and BIMx users below. 


How to set up the store version:

Click on your platform’s download link:

RolandSzabo_0-1689007644354.png       RolandSzabo_1-1689007701845.png

Sign in with your Microsoft account or Apple ID if you haven’t yet.


Install BIMx from the app store.

The installation process is much simpler compared to the previous .exe and .dmg-based workflow. By default, the GRAPHISOFT folder was next to Archicad on both desktop platforms.

The store version of the app is installed separately from Archicad. Here is where you’ll find the app in each operating system:

  • macOS: Applications folder instead of Applications/GRAPHISOFT subfolder
  • Windows: ProgramFiles/WindowsApps hidden folder (read more here)

Add your models to the home screen.
BIMx Desktop keeps the paths of the models stored in a local folder or other linked locations. If you have models in several different folders, use the „Show in finder” functionality on the older desktop application’s home screen.

Remove the older version.

We recommend uninstalling the BIMx Desktop version that you previously installed with Archicad or with a separate BIMx installer downloaded from the Graphisoft website. You can find the Uninstaller in the older version's folder. 



  • Learn more about the latest improvements in BIMx Desktop’s updated online help
  • The application is available in 20 localizations (listed in stores and in online help). BIMx automatically opens in the language of your operating system.
  • Apple silicon and Intel-based versions are both available in the same Mac application. Your Mac will automatically run the version suited to your computer.
  • Check BIMx’s system requirements

Benefits of the store:

Accessing the desktop version of BIMx from the Microsoft Store and Apple App Store brings the following advantages:

    • Better update experience: easier to install the application, and automatic updates can be enabled in Microsoft Store settings and Apple App Store settings. No need to check for updates, download, and install these manually. 
    • Faster access to innovation: new BIMx Desktop features will be available much sooner compared to the annual main release in the Archicad package and the manual update download from the Graphisoft corporate websites. User feedback about the new features can also be collected, the application adjusted, and the updated app delivered in a relatively short time.
    • Improved reliability: application fixes can be issued in a couple of days instead of months, increasing the software’s reliability for BIMx Desktop.

Archicad 27 will be the last main version that includes BIMx Desktop with an installer. Future BIMx updates will only be released for the store version.


Feel free to reach out to us at with any issues, questions, or suggestions!

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