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BIMx / Issue Manager problems for MacOS


I am trying to use BIMx on iPad to create issues and have them show up in my Teamwork ArchiCAD file. I have two problems: 1. When I create an issue on the iPad and send it to my ArchiCAD model, nothing happens in ArchiCAD. 2. I also do not have access to the "Import" or "Export" buttons in the Issue Manager on the desktop in ArchiCAD. Whenever I look through a tutorial on using BCF files or linking to BIMx, I see options to import and export in the Issue Manager, however my only available options are "Open" "Rename" "Issue Tags" or "Issue Details". Am I missing some permissions for this?

2023 M2 Max Macbook Pro
Ventura 13.4
ArchiCAD 27
Roland Szabo

Hi, the new "Import issues from BIMx" button in Archicad 27 should appear in the BIMcloud message. This knowledgebase article describes the process in detail. If the message doesn't arrive from BIMx's Issue palette, try sending a regular message to narrow down the issue. Feel free to contact our Technical Support at if further assistance is needed.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager
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