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Bimx VR on the cheap

So after a ton of searching and testing and swearing, I have a super simple VR solution using bimx.
this is only tested on android and windows 10

Here is what you need.

Evo vr headset (its like a plastic google cardboard. I found it at walmart for 15.00 usd)

An app and its server called TrinusVR its 10.00usd on google play

An Android device to use as the screen.

Put them together and bam VR using bimx Left Right in stereo view.

The best part about Trinus is that you can scale the size of the image that is shown on the phone, so you can squish the narrowness out of the bimx view.

not only that but you get head tracking with TrinusVR so its like you are really in the model.

For now i have just hooked up a logitech gaming controller to make the walkaround much easier for the user.

so outside of the android device you can do this for less than 100.00 usd
assuming your computer is decently spec'd

add a cheap android phone, maybe like another 100 and you still have a pretty cool option that is far less than oculus and vive.

Although I would assume those can give you an ever more indepth experience.

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