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Cardboard doesn't work for my BIMx models

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My phone works with Google Cardboard and the Archicad demo file just fine. However, while I can rotate, zoom etc my own BIMx models, the Cardboard viewer just has a static image. Can't figure this out.
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No suggestions out there? Maybe someone from Graphisoft can chime in. It is a real loss not to be able to use the cardboard viewer.
Barry Kelly
There should be a button on your cardboard viewer that you can touch to activate the option icons.
You then line the cursor up with the walk icon and touch the button again.

If your cardboard viewer doesn't have the touch button then you have the wrong viewer and you won't be able to activate the icons.

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Barry, thanks for your suggestion but as I stated in the first post, the cardboard works just fine with the demo model. What I saw in a video was that the 3d view had to be open in AC when generating the hyper-model. This has worked and the cardboard model now appears properly. The next issue is that the view in cardboard is way up in the air. I adjusted the sea level setting in the main file abut can't test this out as BIMx is now giving me a message about not enough memory available to download the model. I deleted all the BIMx models from my phone but that doesn't work. Removed and reinstalled BIMx but that doesn't work. There is is lots of memory available on my phone. Don't know what the problem is.
Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hello Kris,

The camera your 3D View opens with should be the same that your 3D View in ARCHICAD was saved with. If that is not the case, then maybe there's a bug in the ARCHICAD project that causes this (maybe there is something far from the ARCHICAD origin). If that is so, then make a few pictures of your problem, and send your BIMx file and PLA file to, so that someone from GRAPHISOFT can look into whether there's a bug.

If you can't download the BIMx file to your device, it is more than likely that the problem is with that specific device, and not the BIMx file (try opening the model on another device, and try downloading any other random model to this device to verify this). In this case, open the 3-dot menu from BIMx on your mobile device, and choose the feedback option to write an e-mail about your issue to GRAPHISOFT Support (this will include some useful info about your device in the footer). Make sure to attach a picture about the error you get, and include a link to your BIMx model for testing.

I hope you will be able to resolve this.

PS. If you haven't seen these yet, please watch this video series about the whole BIMx workflow, that should explain everything from what to set up in your model, to how to navigate in BIMx.
Daniel Alexander Kovacs

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