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bug in roof surfacer

this is an old bug that just got repaired in version 16 but
has returned in version 17
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I'm getting the same anomaly, I guess it is a bug. The align with roof pitch setting has no effect.

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This story never finishes.

For history, the culprit is poly2_b{2} command, which was broken in 16.
The failure of the roof accessory in 2D was a consequence of this bug.
The bug was noticed in July 2012, and fixed with hotfix 4 (3827), one year later.

In AC 16 (3827), poly2_b{2} command is repaired
Opening Roof Surfacer 16 (3827), you will see at line 46 (2D Script).
In AC 17, poly2_b{2} command is repaired… and Roof Surfacer 17 is broken again.
The previous line of code is missing.

As a temporary workaround, add this line at the begining of the 2D Script
Do a copy not to modify the original library. Wait for the next Library Hotfix.
Keep cool.

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I will report this to Graphisoft.
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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Barry Kelly
It's not just the roof surfacer object that is wonky.
Even just the materials with vectorial hatching on a multi-plane roof is wrong.
Single roof planes are fine.

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Stress Co_
5 Hotfixes later….. and still not corrected.

Does this disclaimer mean it won't be fixed?
(from the "About "Roof/Slab/Wall Accessories" Add-On")
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