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11.4 GB Project STUCK

Kooperative E45

Hi everyone!
We are using Bim Cloud Basic for working on a 11.4 GB project.
Yesterday one of the computers crashed and now we are trying to restore the project from a snapshot on the Bim Cloud Server, but it seems to be stuck and I have no idea how long it is going to take.

I know the project is way too big and we have to optimize it, but I was wondering if maybe also the machine we use as a server could be a problem: it is a late 2012 27" iMac (2,9 GHz Quad-Core i5, 16 GB ram, 1 TB hdd).


Is there any way to test if there is something fundamentally wrong with our server setup?

Thanks to everyone who can contribute with any information

ps. All the other machines on the network are running Windows 10 pro.




Is the BimCloud making .pln snapshots? The easiest way is to download that from the BimCloud manager and re-share it from a workstation.


You usually also have 1 chance to open the auto save project on the machine that crashed too. If you haven’t tried that, I’d make that step 1.


As a point of reference, our projects often get to 6Gb in size, and the BimCloud machine works much better since we put in 32Gb ram. It still maxs that out every now and then. You’ll be hitting a lot of swap which will definetly take time.

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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

This article says the following:


16 GB RAM for the BIMcloud Server is strongly recommended. On servers that are serving many Teamwork users or running large Teamwork projects having 32 GB can easily speed up the overall performance. As a more specific calculation, use 2 GB plus 1.5 times as much RAM as the actively used projects' size, which is approximately 4.5 times larger than a PLN (and actively used means used at the same time by Teamwork users). For example, if there is a 1 GB and two 3 GB size projects which are used on the same BIMcloud Server actively at the same time, then 2 + 1.5 x (1 + 2 x 3) = 12.5 >>> 16 GB RAM is recommended.


Based on that, for a project file this large you should have at least 32 GB of RAM.

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