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AC26 Structural Collaboration


Hi, I am a structural Engineer and I use Archicad for many, many years.

I have watched today's AC26 event and I would like to express my disappointment about the collaboration of Architect-Structural/Detailer Engineer.

Today I've heard about visions for a great future, collaboration e.t.c and I'm really wondering after so many years of waiting, where are the most least necessary tools for the collaboration.

I really have to say Bravo to Graphisoft for the work done in the past 2 years, for the implementation of the some structural tools like loadings, structural analytical model (by the way the analytical model needs a lot of improvements to become usable but that is another very big story).

Our friends Architects are not really interested in these great structural tools for the most common reason, they just don't need them and off course many of them (no offense) do not know how to use them.

So, who is going to use these great structural tools in Archicad?

Off course Structural Engineers Archicad users are going to use these tools.

But how are we Structural Engineers are going to use these tools and for what?

What is the meaning of using these Structural Tools if we cannot use Archicad further more to complete our project by implementing detailed and construction drawings?

I was really expecting and hoping that this year would have the famous Reinforcement Tool and Steel Connection Tool to be implemented in Archicad 26.

For sure I'm very disappointed not because the above tools are not included this year but I am wondering if they Tools belong if ever in the near future Collaboration Plans of Graphisoft.

Please if someone of the Company wishes to answer me how am I going to collaborate with the Architects since I do not have the necessary Tools in Archicad for a complete project.


Best Regards,

Takis Apostolides



I was hoping AC26 would allow us to calculate structural members. I mean, all the data is there, don’t we have span dimension, dead and live loads, etc. They missed the boat today, but let’s wait for another year, hopefully.

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Leo Mic

As an architect I think it would be great to have into the Archicad model the possibility to use concrete rebar reinforcement or metal frame connections. Also it would be great if structural engineers could use Archicad as a structural design software, this meaning no more structural model imports from other software. Also for years now we are wishing to have a library with structural objects such as bolts, anchors etc.

Eduardo Rolon

@Leo Mic

  • A lot of Revit users do not like the integrated approach see their Open Letter.
  • It would be "great" but how will you "convince/force" structural engineers to move from their software to AC-Structural?
  • Do you really think that GS, staring 3 years ago will be able to produce a planet wide full feature structural package better than what dedicated companies have produced with 20+ years of development?
  • Based on current developments I do not think that GS has the capability of creating native imports from any structural package. They didn't develop DWG, RVT, FBX so I don't think that they will magically will be able to create the ones for Scia, Tekla, etc.
  • Are you willing to accept no new significant development of architectural tools and keep paying your yearly SSA basically to have the latest number?
  • A good Structural library is within their grasp but they decided to start with SAM/SAF so that indicates priorities.

Hwu likes to quote Steve Jobs quoting Gretsky about skating to where the puck is going to be… the problem is that the rest of the world is not playing Hockey.

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I guess it is a matter of time to have a fully functional and developed SAM/SAF. It will depend on everyone’s practice to use it or not its capabilities. Fore some architects, like myself, structure is part of a holistic design and I need to work concomitantly on the architectural design as well as the structural design in sync. Most of the time, the structure is the main part of the aesthetic design. For some other architects, on the other hand, structure is not part of their design and it can be superimposed as their structural engineer tells them to, and I’m not saying one is better than the other, it is just a different approach of doing things. My point is that Graphisoft is in their right path to integrate MEP tools and structural tools to the architects palette so we have better control over our designs.


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Actually you are halfway correct.

Structure is part of design, always has been, SAM/SAF is not, from the point of view of an architect.

I can design my structure without having to use either of those, I have been doing it since before CAD existed. SO that is a waste of time and resources.

Eduardo Rolón AIA NCARB
AC27 US/INT -> AC08

Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram, OS X 10.XX latest
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