ARCHICAD Model Setup for IFC Export to Revit



Coordinate among Project Stakeholders

Most projects that encounter troubles later on, do so, because of the lack of preliminary coordination! Organize a BIMCoordination meeting to agree upon the following:

  • project location and coordinates
  • Project North direction
  • Story setup

Prepare a BIM Manual and share it with all the stakeholders. The BIM Manual should include:

  • The stakeholders and their exact responsibilities
  • The data exchange protocol
  • The data agreed upon at the BIM coordination meeting
  • project specific BIM requirements

Set Element Parameters

  • Define the Structural Function of the element
  • Set the Position of the element within your project
  • Set the IFC Classification of your element
  • Enable the necessary IFC properties for the element or create mapping rules

Organize Elements

  • Make sure all project elements are assigned to proper layers.

This will enable you to easily hide elements that you do not wish to include in the IFC.

  • Hide all layers that do not contain elements relevant to your consultant receiving the IFC.

EXAMPLE: (e. g. signage, furniture, vegetation)

  • Create a layer combination from the step above.
  • Save a 3D view of your project that uses the previously created layer combination.

This will allow you to easily switch to a view from which you can save your IFC.

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