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ArchiCAD Template and Library - free download

Hi there!
I have decided to give a link to the template and library I have developed for projects I've been working on.
Feel free to download and review. Any comments are welcomed.
The Template was developed for UK. I used British standards: BS 8541-2:2011 and BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018
I though that Graphisoft UK might be interested (in time when I stared they had very weak template), but somehow they are too much ignorant about private developments.
GDL codes are password protected. I haven't considered yet to open the source. I also implemented library protection by connecting it to ArchiCAD licence number. Originally was idea that workers wouldn't take a library from the office and use it somewhere else. Currently I set, that library will work until September this year in any computer. But if someone want to use it in their practise - please write me, I can connect the library to your ArchiCAD license.
Also included Manual, that explains basics of the template.
This development is something that I didn't finish to develop and have to continue. I just stack in the middle because of health problems - I've got a disability.
If there are people who want to help me to continue this development - I would be more than happy.

Here is the link:


Thank you so much ! 

there is so much effort behind this file , 

Get well soon !


AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080 10 GB
Archicad 25
Windows 10 professional


Nice work. Just a note. Layers in your template are not aligned with BS EN ISO 13567-2:2002, which is the standard for layers in the UK.



Hi there. I have been asked about how to unlock current library or purchase a full licence. I have stopped to sell licences and in general discontinued work on this library. Everyone who still interested to use this template and library - instruction how to remove licence protection: first extract LCF file (library container file). After extraction search for folder Macros. In this folder there is a file called LICENSE. Open this library part file using password neilsmith. Change Master Script to the line _licence=1

Save change to the file. After modification done - pack everything back to LCF.


Thank you for your generosity! Great job!


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