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ArchiTerra CROSS

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Fabrizio, what’s the purpose of “ArchiTerra CROSS” object found in ArchiTerra 20.LIB\Road Crosses library? It’s not mentioned in ArchiTerra User Guide at all. One would expect that ArchiTerra uses it automatically to generate road junctions but it doesn’t.
Is it possible to process a junction automatically in order to integrate it into the land-similarly to the way plateaus are processed?
The way I create junctions is that I built up junctions manually using plateau tool and then connect these plateaus by roads (so I don’t use ArchiTerra CROSS at all). But it crashes all the time this way…

Fabrizio Diodati
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Just from home...

The next version takes care also about curves... IMHO, as architect, in so big volume quantities this kind of approximation is more than acceptable!
But... just wait for the next release...

Fabrizio Diodati
Graphisoft Italy Srl | Via Rossignago 2/A Spinea Venezia 30038 Italy

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Sometimes it's acceptable but not always. I can't wait to see that new ArchiTerra! I wish to have ArchiTerra that costs 10 times as much as it costs now but works better!
Thanks for all your efforts, Fabrizio!

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