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Archicad 19- Greyed out DWG settings in Publisher WORKAROUND

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On our windows 10 machines, ArchiCAD 19 (4011 USA FULL) greys out the DWG options under the publishing view of the navigator (also organizer). So it is impossible to select which translator needs to be used for publishing that item. Please see the attached photo.

This was not an issue with archicad 18 on windows 10, and is not an issue with archicad 19 on mac os x.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? How do I submit this problem to Graphisoft?


The files in question were started in archicad 18 and migrated to 19. In troubleshooting, I opened the Archicad 19 commercial template and had no problem changing the translator as it was not greyed out.

So I went back to one of our many jobs that is having this issue, and created a new publisher set and change the format to dwg and was able set the translator.

This workaround is a solution at the moment, but it still is a bug that should be addressed.

AC19-Greyed out DWG Translator.PNG