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Archicad besides with Revit

Mahmoud Qenawi

If I have to work using Archicad inside A wholly Revit work environment, is it possible? I mean can Open BIM approach help me penetrating any firm using Revit as a core BIM solution with one Archicad user till replacing Revit by delivering Archicad competitive advantages as an architectural or integrated design tool?

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Open BIM will not help in working in a Revit office as Revit does not work well with any other  than native Revit (even has to be same version, preferably even point release).

Only real way to penetrate Revit office is to show how using Archicad can save the office $.. For large projects I find Archicad much faster than Revit,, updating  and creating pdf’s for over 1800 doom sheets in Archicad is a simple publish and computer can run unattended for a couple of hours, same sheets out of Revit takes 2 person days


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Professor Pickle

If a firm has invested in Revit then why would they change to something else? The cost is not just that of the software platform but also training and the lost productivity while operators learn to be efficient with the new software. Then there are libraries of objects, textures, colour palettes, etc. I think that this is a futile effort not worth pursuing at all.

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Mahmoud Qenawi

Thank you all for sharing your opinions and I think I got into two facts:-

1 ) Either Archicad or Revit.

2 ) To win ( or beat revit ) I should provide 2 assets:- 

• ) Save time by producing faster and more with doing less.

• ) Save money by a cheaper software.

AC 27 INT 4001 - AC 26 INT 5002 ( For MEP Purposes )
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

I’d say don’t even bother, unless you’re the boss. 
Even if you are the boss, you would realize the time and cost aren’t the only things you would look at. 
If you are not the boss, you basically were saying you would take up workload which were supposed to be shared among several revit users. 

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I didn’t know that Revit needs more efforts to accomplish the tasks needed, maybe I should use it to realize this defect.

AC 27 INT 4001 - AC 26 INT 5002 ( For MEP Purposes )
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

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